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Doodle dump of my Disney-style Freddy that has been featured here and here

Threw DW in there for size comparison since I had done a cross over in one of the other pics. 

I did two versions of this.  I’m using the clean one (with Negsbot written on it) as a profile image on the DV.

Nightmare fuel for the week!

Just a sketch idea of a contest entry for an art book. It will probably be redrawn into something better looking. I just wanted to get the idea down.

Whew. On the last few commissions that I owe since my hand is feeling better and can start working on finished projects again.

Long overdue ref commission for DarkwingDrake  on DA. This took ages because I had to redraw several parts a couple of times. 

Blah. I hate the shading. Might redo it at a later date. 

NegaTrevor, NegaPiper, and NegaLydia. 

Piper and Lydia are terridelgado’s

It’s messy. I might throw color on it.
Trevor’s deceased brother, Gabriel, appropriately as an angel.


Those eyebrows…

Meh. Basically a maskless Negaduck. Got the idea after watching the tron-splitter episode. 

Some random sketches. 

Rey belongs to vermintz

I felt like drawing this little critter. It’s based on a mod on SL I bought recently during a sale. 

I kind of want to make it into a character.