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This is why you don’t model murderous robots after yourself.

Ok. So in a rp on the DuckVerse there’s this pendant that can reverse a person’s personality/natural behaviors when they are holding or wearing it. Memories are retained so they remember everything they did while under the pendant’s influence.

DW got a hold of it and pretty much went mad with power.  He’s terrifying since he’s willing to use lethal force for the sake of justice like his Darkwarrior persona. 

I tried drawing them in a Disney like style. Now they don’t look like they want to murder you. lol

The stills from the animation of Negsbot. 

You know. In case you needed nightmare fuel. 

Agent Reynard Lowkey’s true form is a mustache with eye balls that can be summoned by a ritual involving a mustache summoning circle. 

Poor Drake. He can’t handle the weirdness.

Rey belongs to vermintz.

Five Nights at Neggy’s

He’s coming for you…….

Disturbing him in his sleep makes him cranky and he’ll bite.

"I’m no longer the cute and fluffy little duckling you mocked years ago. Because of you, father, I’ve grown stronger and more deadly than ever. Now, it’s my turn to inflict pain much like you did to me."

Yeahhhhhh..He’s not so adorable now is he? If you want to keep your limbs or your life better not hug him!