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I named a dog on Furry-Paws “Negaduck”. Made him an image.

It makes the random events rather amusing. 

Enjoy, yo.

A commission for DarkwingDrake on DA. They wanted a fight scene between Negs and DW. 

Trying my luck with the image bank on Furry-Paws. Here’s some Goldens to see if the style is acceptable. 

This crack pairing of mental scars is brought to you by terridelgado and I. 

You’re welcome.

I drew Negs and she drew Nami.

Dump o’ ducklings for cute overload.

Couple of doodles.

Little Pumbaa for the art contest on the TLK fan-art archive.

Baby warthogs are so fuzzy. T_T

Dump o’ brats

Lydia is terridelgado's. 

Simon took the hunter life and idolizes Trevor, his adopted father, when he grows older. 

He and Julius often argue and butt heads since their morals clash. While Simon is more a of a hero-type, his elder brother on the other hand is more bad. He doesn’t agree with Julius’ life of crime.