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Furry-paws tag/icon dump part 2. Finally cleared the worklist on there.

Now to work on the other owed stuff. 

Furry-paws tag/icon dump part 1. All recently completed. 

Images I’m using for my dogs on Furry-Paws. They have color and pattern variations to match the dog colors.

A bunch of icons commission WIP. Taking forever to line and color these. Shading soon.


Taking commissions from now till April 30th. You can send an ask/fanmail or contact me through email at bugodughall@aol.com.

I can do any character you desire both official or OCs. I can do couples/pairings/ships but bare in mind it must be SFW. Please provide refs for OCs and characters from fandoms I’m not familiar with.  I can design OCs if you wish as well. 

The style can be done on on-model or in my style upon request.

My paypal is justfrog720@aol.com. I can do snailmail but for US residents only at this time. 

Signal boosts are appreciated!

My DuckVerse character, Trevor, probably swooping down to stake some monster.

Baron Morogh MacDuckgall. He’s a vampire and he eats people.

I’ve been having internet problems. Sorry about the lack of posts. Anyways a sketch dump.

I wanted to post these together when I got them done. 

Darkwing and Negaduck icons I’ve been using on FP and the Old Haunt Forums.