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They’re half brothers but full of trouble. Who knows who he’s suggesting they pound into submission. 

I’m considering doing a livestream tomorrow. Not sure what movies I’ll show just yet. 

Things I’m thinking of are

Batman 1989-1997
Indiana Jones
Animated Disney movies 
Or a random of assortment of stuff.

Of course movie suggestions are always welcome. 

In the fall and winter, Harou loses his glossy black feathering and is replaced with the more drab brown feathering of the eclipse plumage. Also, his tuft shortens a bit.

It looks like a platypus with cyclopia.

Just a typical day at F.O.W.L.

Commission for vermintz.  The clock and the picinic basket on the poster were free clip art. The rest of the signs and stuff were drawn by me.

You can probably guess what I’ve been watching for the past month or so. 

It was only a matter of time before I did a duck parody of it. :P

He hasn’t quite grasped the concept that not all fish are for eating.

No one can survive a tickle attack!

Six is wearing a hoodie like this on SL. Decided to draw it because it looks cute.