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Drake and Morgana. I honestly love how short he is compared to her. It’s cute. <3

My internet has been laggy today so just did some doodles.

ND-01, One, was a nasty cruel drake. He often picked on Two as he still blames him for their capture.

One is a hybrid Canvasback

Just relaxing…

Bah. I pulled an all nighter. I need sleep. @_@

You know he cheats.

Might color it. Don’t know. Meh.

I think you dropped something, Negs. The downside of being a zombie.

Stupid doodle of the zombie Negs I did for an  icon

Being a crime fighting parent wears one out.

I guess consider this part 2 of this sketch.

"Don’t worry I’ll be here."

I imagine Six probably had a nightmare so Two’s giving him a hug to make him feel better.

Couple of practice sketches of DarkwingDrake’s Aleki. I’m working on a ref commission of him.